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A Better Grade Than Expected
If Linda Pastan’s “Marks” was told by the point of view of the husband it would have probably gone something like this; I give my wife an A for last night’s supper
the ironing will get done tomorrow,
an A in bed.
Our son would give her an A because of
what all she does for him.
Out daughter would do the same,
we just have to show our appreciation more.
The point of view change in this poem makes you think of how hard she is actually grading herself and how she thinks of what her family thinks of her. If the poem was told from any of her family members it would probably go in the same direction that the husband’s went. The point of view of a story or poem has a big effect, especially “Marks”, because it may change your perspective on the characters, your perspective on the whole situation, or a change in gender and age changes the poem’s meaning as a whole.

When the poem is told from the wife’s point of view, the reader may take out of it that the wife either very average or very hard on herself. An example of this is when she says her son would say she is an average mother but, “if I put my mind to it, I could improve” (Pastan 1048). The reader comes out of that statement thinking that the son wishes he could have a better mother or at least the one he has could work a little harder to please the family. The only thing that telling the poem in a different point of view that would transfer over would be when the wife says, “Wait till they learn, I’m dropping out” (Pastan 1048). This would only apply solely to her point of view because there would be no way for her family to realize that she is might be giving up soon or leaving the family for good. The wife is an extremely harsh grader when she talks about if her children would grade her. The son and daughter would probably say that she is a great mom and her life is mainly surrounded by their needs and the needs of their dad.

When the husband tells the poem the...
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