Positive Learning Environment

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Positive Learning Environment
Positive learning environments support the developmental needs of students not only academically but also socially and personally. Students thrive in environments where they feel safe amongst their peers, comfortable amongst themselves, nurtured and respected, and motivated to learn. All students, even those who have learning difficulties and personal challenges, can do well when they are physically comfortable, mentally motivated, and emotionally supported. Creating a positive learning environment will optimize student learning, help you build a cohesive classroom community, and create a pleasant work environment for both you and your students. Since students are unique individuals and come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, a positive environment may not occur naturally but require careful planning and nurturing from the teacher and other educators.

Respectful relationships are just one factor for maintaining positive environments. The key for creating positive environments starts at the top levels, modeled via principals to classroom teachers and through to the individual learners. A simple assessment of our own environment will help educators to determine some of the factors to consider by asking the questions below, to determine whether we promote a comfortable, supportive, safe, peaceful, and positive environment: 1.How have you fostered the creation and advancement of an engaging learning community and effective learning environment? 2.Do you create a positive learning environment where students feel valued, prepared to leave their comfort zone, and willing to ask questions? 3.Is your school a place where all feel calm, at ease, and secure? Or are there times when the behaviors of some may lead others to feel agitated, threatened, or ridiculed? 4.Is it a place where all students are able to express personal ideas, views, and feel valued and encouraged? Or are there times when the behaviors of some...
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