Population Drop of Nursing Students

Topics: Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Nurse Pages: 2 (730 words) Published: March 27, 2012
FSUU-As the reign of the nursing course slowly comes to a decline, so does the number of nursing students. June 2011, the number of freshman students for the nursing program estimated only around 50 students in that first semester. Compared to the amount of students in the previous years, this year’s number of students showed an evident alarming population drop. Late 2007 signaled the decrease of students in the nursing course since it was in this year when the surplus of nurses began to rise. From then on, less and less took up the said course which led to its inevitable decrease of students at present. There are several factors as to why only a handful of students are willing to pursue the nursing course as of late. With the present issues revolving around the profession, students cannot help but think twice in pursuing the said course. One of the main problems would be the rising number of unemployed registered nurses estimated to reach 300,000 this year which sparks fear and doubt on most students. The idea of graduating without a future is the major concern for any student and seeing how the course has either issues of underemployment or unemployment contributes to the factor of students not taking the course. Negative presentations and features of the media do nothing to help alleviate the issue at hand. Constantly putting up emphasis on how nursing students should shift to other courses because of the restraints beforehand. One article by Leslie Ann G. Aquino and Hernando Malipot in the Manila Bulletin entitled Shift course, nursing students urged; strongly adheres to nursing sophomores to shift while there’s still time. Recruitment consultant Lito B. Soriano appeals to student nurses and to jobless licensed nurses to shift to different healthcare courses to ensure better chances of finding jobs. Another factor would be the raised standards of the nursing course. the program has raised the bar to ensure competent nurses-to-be and more chances of getting...
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