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Topics: Nursing, United States, Registered nurse Pages: 3 (836 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Running Header: Nursing Shortage

Nursing Shortage in the United States
Kaacha N Mumba
Indiana State University
College of Nursing, Health, and Human Services


The shortage of RNs in the United States has fluctuated over the years, dating way back to the 1960s . The declining demand for RNs in the past few years is evidenced by a decrease in the number of applicants admitted into nursing schools in the early 1990s ( American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2010b). In this paper, I am going to discuss the factors that contribute to the nursing shortage in the United States of America and discuss possible solutions to this ongoing problem. The United States of America has experienced a series of surplus and shortages of nursing in the past. Four main areas have been identified as the causes of nursing shortage in the United States. The ageing RN population, declining enrolment, the changing work climate and the poor image of nursing as a profession. In reviewing each of the main causes of nursing shortage, I will address each of the causes individually. Ageing RN Workforce

Of all health professions, Registered Nurses constitute the larger population ( USA Department of Labor 2002). Nursing used to be considered a woman job as evidenced by the history of nursing during world war 11. Most Army/Navy nurses were women, but, due to proliferation of new career opportunities for women, fewer women have joined the nursing profession. As a NURSING SHORTAGE

result, the shortage of RNs is expected to increase considering the fact that the ageing RNs who joined the profession before other job opportunities opened to women, will be retiring at a time when the shortage is critical. Also, the ageing RN retirements will impact the supply of nursing educators. Most nurses enter graduate school later in their careers when they are getting close to retirement age. At the beginning of N300, the main reason students gave for pursuing the Bachelors...
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