Topics: Management, Sole proprietorship, Business terms Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: March 20, 2013
I. Executive Summary

The researchers Nikki Y Pulumbarit and Jessa P Alberto are both graduates with degrees in Hospitality Management at Mariano Quinto Alarilla Polytechnic College. The business plan entitled MILKYRON it is a variety of polvoron that has the mixture of fish and powdered milk. The product offer a healthful benefit to its clients through promoting consumption of fish specially fot the children who are not fond of eating fish. MILKYRON is very nutritious compared to the other polvoron offered int the market because it contain fish which is a good source of protein and also the milk which is rich in calcium. MILKYRON is very unique because of its flavor and its affordable price.

The owners Nikki Y Pulumbarit and Jessa P Alberto are both financially capable on handling a business and the starting capital will be P 100, 000. 00. The mission of the business is to provide unique and healthful variety of polvoron and to consider foremost the satisfaction of the customer. The goals and objectives of MILKYRON is to start the business on April 25, 2013 and by gaining good customer feedback, to encourage other teenager to build their own business too even they are young. Also to expand our knowledge and capability on handling the business.

MILKYRON will be beneficial to its customer because it has the mixture of fish which is good source of protein and milk which is a good source of calcium it is nutritious yet affordable. The future product will be Fishy Yummy Yema also it has the mixture of fish.

The business is registered at Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under Sole- Proprietorship. Sole Proprietorship is a type of business enetity that is owned and run by a single person. MILKYRON is manage by Nikki Y Pulumbarit as the general manager and Jessa P Alberto as the Assistant Manager. Product manager will be Nikki Y Pulumbarit responsible for over-all running of the business and responsible for securing contracts, financial/ accounting...
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