Pollution Context

Topics: Pollution, Environmentalism, Waste Pages: 6 (1186 words) Published: April 12, 2013



1. Lesson Plan Scheme

2. Activity Sheet 1

3. Activity Sheet 2

4. Bibliograghy

| | |Subject: Life Skills Grade: 3 | |Environmental theme: Pollution | |Learning outcomes: Personal and social well-being. The learner will |Assessment standards: Baseline, and formative Ask the learner to | |be able to make informed decisions on social and issues affecting |complete a true and false questionnaire as per the activity 1. | |the environment. The learner will take responsibility to help |Drawing of different types of pollution where the learner will | |preserve the environment and encourage others not to pollute. |identify and name the type of pollution taking place. Ask the | | |learner to identify what waste or rubbish goes into which recycling | | |bins. | |Lesson outcomes: Learners should be able to identify what pollution |Context: Some learners come from rural areas where pollution is all| |is and what effect it has on our health and the environment. The |around them, encourage those learners to gather friends in their | |learner must be able to identify the different types of pollution |area and have a clean-up day. The kids in the area will pick up all | |for eg. air pollution, water pollution and land pollution. |the rubbish and set an example to the adults, once the adults see | |Learners should be able to know how they can make a positive |this they will be encouraged not to litter. | |contribution to prevent pollution. | | |Learning/subject content: | |What is pollution? | |It is harmful contaminants like gas or smoke from exhaust pipes of cars, trucks etc. that damages the ozone layer causing people to | |become ill. | |Explain to the learner what the different types of pollution is, water, land and air pollution. | |Water Pollution: | |Water Pollution is the release of contaminants into water that is harmful to people, animals and the environment. People and animals | |need fresh drinking water to be healthy. | |Land Pollution: | |Land Pollution is caused by the dumping of household, medical and industrial waste. | |Air Pollution: | |Air Pollution is the release of contaminants into the atmosphere that is harmful to...
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