Pollution: Causes, Effects, and Remedial Measures

Topics: Air pollution, Pollution, Water Pages: 3 (690 words) Published: May 15, 2010
About Pollution Control
Necessity to control pollution Pollution Audit

Pollution control is necessary due to two reasons:

Polluted air and water are harmful to life. Air pollution creates problems for healthy living beings, plants and also material. Water pollution also creates problems for all living beings, agriculture, water bodies, all plants and animals living in water, land fertility etc. Thus, one’s consciousness should always attempt to generate means to control pollution of any type. Most of the governments all over the world have laws by which no one is suppose to exceed creating pollution in air or water beyond prescribed limits. Law breakers often face punishments to the tune of heavy fines and even stoppage of work.

Bhopal, India gas tragedy is the best example to explain the necessity to take adequate measures to control pollution. Thousands of people were affested due to lack of adequate measures. The managing director of the company Union carbide, India was arrested and a warrant issued against the name of Union carbide USA till he lived.

Another example is the BSES plant at Dahanu, India. While preparation of the feasibility report, plant designers had not considered the low sulphonation plant while starting the unit. With more than 10 years of litigation, it has surfaced now that the court had to order stoppage of work or take necessary steps.

The above examples should be enough to make one understand the need to take measures to control pollution. Steps taken initially, would benefit in the long run. This is the reason we say ‘Pollution Control Pays Back – Earn while you Clean’

Main causes of Industrial Air Pollution

In factories and industrial plants, the main culprit is the process adopted to manufacture chemicals etc. Manufacturing an item is required, but equally necessary is the necessity to control the pollutants created during this manufacturing process as byproducts. If a system...
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