Pollution: Acid Rain and Megha Tiwari

Topics: Acid rain, Air pollution, Water Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Chevis Hoover
Dr. Russell
English 1010-L01
3 March 2013
Though there are several troubling issues plaguing the world today, pollution is an issue that needs to be addressed. Pollution is destroying not only the crops of the world but the health of the world’s inhabitants. Pollution affects the world’s water supply consequently creating what is known as acid rain. The Earth’s crop supply is nourished, damaged would be the better word, by the water affected by the pollution created in big cities as well as small towns. “The effect of acid rain on plants is grave. It not only damages the root, but also stops its growth and brings an end to the life of a plant (Megha Tiwari)” a science blogger concludes. This only goes to show that pollution is ruining the world’s crop supply. Who depends on the world’s crop supply more than the humans that inhabit it? The same pollutants that create acid rain taint the air that humans breathe in every day. There are astonishing health issues linked between man and air pollutants. Editor at Pollution Engineering, Roy Bigham claims that “…Poor air quality directly causes respiratory ailments, heart ailments, neurological damage, productivity loss, and increased health and hospital expenditures. At the extreme end of the spectrum, it can lead to death.” Bigham’s claim has been medically proven. Through-out the world several thing trouble the minds of millions and pollution is one of the most controversial topics. Pollution is destroying not only the crops of the world but the health of the world’s inhabitants. Pollution destroys the health of humans and plants alike.

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