Int Task 3

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The purpose of my experiment is to determine the effect of acid rain on seed germination. I chose this idea for a project because I have heard that acid rain is becoming a more prominent factor, around the world, due to pollution. I see reports of this in books and websites I've visited, as well as news articles I have read.

LITERATURE REVIEW The germination test results from glass labeled “Trial 1” (100% water), and “Trial 5” (highest acid content) showed an 11% difference. The more acid contained in the water resulted in less seeds germinating. Rice, wheat and rape seeds were treated with simulated acid rain at pH 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 5.0 levels for 7 days in order to understand the effects of acid rain on seed germination of various acid-fast plants. The germination test showed that seed germination was absolutely inhibited at pH 2.0 for three species. Rice and wheat seeds germinated abnormally at pH 2.5. When pH values above 3.0, percentage germination, germination energy, germination index, vigor index of rice, wheat and rape seeds increased in relation with decreased acidity levels. In contrast, the percentage of abnormal germination of rice and wheat decreased. The experiment data about physiological aspect demonstrated that water absorption rate, respiratory rate and storage reserve transformation rate of rice, wheat and rape seeds also increased with increased pH values.

The information gained from this experiment, I believe, can show people the negative effects that acid rain can have on seed germination.  This will eventually lead to large scale crop reduction, lower oxygen levels and higher amounts of atmospheric CO2 levels. My goal is to show people the repercussions of pollution.

The constants in this study were:
*         The type of radish seeds
*         The type of acid
*         The size of and type of paper towels
*         The length of germination time
*         The amount of light
*         The temperature of germination environment * Amount of water/acid mixture given to seeds

The manipulated variable is the concentration of the acid solution. The responding variable is the percentage of plant seeds that germinated in seven days. To measure the responding variable, I will count the total number of germinated seeds from each labeled solution. I will then calculate the percentage by dividing the number of germinated seeds, from each group, by 75. My definition of germination is when the initial green stem appears from the seed.  

Quantity | Item Description|
325 | Radish Seeds (packaged)|
1| Roll of 29 1/2 cm X 23 1/2 cm plastic wrap|
| Roll of 27 1/2 cm X 23 1/2 cm paper towel|
1| Container of nitric acid|
1| Pyrex measuring glass|
5| Glass canning jars ( 1 Quart)|


1. Take two 27 1/2 X 23 1/2 cm paper towels and tear at perforated line. 2. Tear one sheet of plastic wrap that is 29 1/2 X 23 1/2 cm. 3. Count and separate seeds into 5 groups of.
4. Lightly dampen the two paper towels.
5. Sure that they are both wet to the touch.
6. Place the 75 seeds in a horizontal line on the skinny sides on one paper towel. 7. Roll the paper towel up with the seeds in it.
8. Get two strips of tape 3 centimeters long.
9. Take the other paper towel and wrap it up around the other paper towel with the seeds in it. 10. Take the sheet of plastic wrap and you wrap it around the paper towels. 11. Pull the plastic up about an inch leaving one inch of paper towel without plastic on it at the bottom. 12. Fold the excess at the top over the top of the paper towel. 13. Tape the plastic to the other side of the plastic so it doesn't unravel 14. Set the paper towel roll inside the first glass and label Trial 1 15....
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