Politics and Law Essay- Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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In 1948 the United Nations (UN) was developed after moral outrage created a desire throughout the world to construct a document to safeguard fundamental human rights. The document was an attempt to articulate the rights violated during world war two (WWII) and to prevent such atrocities from happening ever again. They called the document the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UNDHR). The UNDHR was born out of the experiences of WWII, it stands as a beacon of mankind. However the UN does not have to power to enforce the protection of human rights therefor there is still evidence or human rights being eroded and violated in todays society. The UN and the UNDHR needs to become enforceable in all areas of our world to save millions of people who are in irrepressible suffrage.

Prior to 1933 Germany was a representative democracy. In 1933 when Adolf Hitler became Chancellor the German democratic system began to disappear. Over the next two years democracy in Germany gave way to a totalitarian system of government giving total power in the hand of one party, the Nazi party who tolerated no opposition. When Hitler became Chancellor in 1933 his power were very limited. He was the leader of a democratic country, sharing power with an elected president and parliament. Eighteen months later he became a dictator, sharing power with nobody. How did he do this?

The Nazi election campaign was given a boost by a very unexpected event. The burning down of the parliament building, this one event gained Hitler extra power which he used to his advantage to pull him closer to ruling over Germany. Hitler claimed the burning down of the parliament building was a communist attack on the government. He asked President Hindenburg for extra power to deal with the threat. This ruined the communist campaign as Hitler went on to arresting over 4000 communists. With his new power Hitler put his first law “The Enabling Law” to the vote. This allowed Hitler the power up until 1937 to...
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