Political Factors

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Unit 1 the business environment

Political factors
This could include government support, provide, enhancing skills of the working population of Tesco's which may include training days or induction days if you have just been previously employed. The main factor could be government support which has to routes that it can go down. Direct support or indirect support which also includes the fiscal policy which is linked with taxes, vat and cooperation tax The level of taxation changing means that Tesco also have to pay tax. They have to pay this to the government so that the government could provide services for the general public. This would be different if Tesco's was funded by the government because then they wouldn't have to pay tax. They may then take a loan out from the government so that they can afford what they need to buy. However, they do need to pay this back as well as the interest rate.

Another factor would be provide which is infrastructure and the links they have with the internet. This could include online shopping. Tesco's have their own online shopping on the internet for people who prefer to use the internet to get their shopping from online. Once the order has been placed Tesco's then deliver the food or products the next day depending on the delivery days. This also helps people who may not be able to make it to the supermarket store itself like disabled people so again it opens a new market which means they again will make more money. Tesco are always influenced  by its customers and aim to operate around their needs and feedback because without their feedback Tesco's wouldn't know what they need to do to improve their business.

Social factors
Obviously the birth rate has increased over the years so they may start to look at selling children’s toys or products to open a new market which in the long run will eventually create more profit or make a lot more money because they’ll have an extra market that parents and children...
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