Political Causes of World War 1

Topics: World War II, World War I, Treaty of Versailles Pages: 7 (2916 words) Published: July 28, 2012
The political causes of World War 2
World War 2, famously known as the most devastating war, had causes dating back to WWI as well as,pre . Some people refereed it because of the Treaty of Versailles which most of the people agreed one that it was too unfair for Germany and that their anger was going to appear sooner or later. The people thought it will create fascism. Some historians saw that the failure of The League of Nations was also another factor. The Treaty of Versailles was the origin of all the problems that occurred to ignite the WWII. The treaty of Versailles was originally done to spread peace between countries and cool down the aggression that was spreading all over Europe. The treaty was believed to be an agreement between the winning sides of World War 1 powers. They were meeting up to decide what they were going to do with the losing allies of the war. They were mainly Germany and Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire. It was supposed to make Germany literally a neutral country because of all the power it was abusing which was beginning to affect the whole balance of power in Europe. The power that Germany was beginning to acquire was going to have a negative effect on all the European countries that had power and didn’t want it to be loosened at all. As with Germany rising to more and more powerful state, that would mean they would have to start powering up their armies which will cost them more money that they didn’t have at the moment. All of Europe wanted Germany to feel guilty because they were the ones who really started WWI. The whole world was against Germany because they were really the ones responsible for the death of nearly 10 million soldiers around the world. Things mainly rose up when a Serbian nationalist shot an Austrian. Germans felt they were treated unjustly but they had no choice rather than signing the Treaty of Versailles which had 4 main points. They felt literally surrounded with every physical or mental weapon, and they felt the sense of the other countries trying to disarm the whole country. Due to the over pressure relied on them, It began to turn against them and started to make Germany even more aggressive. Also their feeling that their country is being stripped from them every second, justified their behavior and made people sympathize with them. Germans became angrier and they needed a man to start taking control of everything again. They had no choice rather than accepting to the treaty because they were threatened from the European powers that they will be invaded from them. At the time of the signing of the treaty, Germany's army was ruined, its people exhausted and its government collapsing. Three countries out of the 'big four were greatly affected by the war causing them to have a vengeful intention whilst drawing up the treaty. France, Britain, Italy. Germany was defeated; the treaty of Versailles was the final blow. There were many territorial changes to Germany after the war due to the treaty of Versailles. The most relevant one was the decision to give Poland a Polish Corridor. This was a piece of land running through the center of Germany, splitting it in two. By seperating the rest of Germany from East Prussia, Germany was severely weakened. East Prussia had been a source of great revenue and the political elite for Germany. This humiliated, weakened and angered the Germans. Getting the land back was going to be a source of national pride for a long time. Another territorial change that the Germans did not expect was that the Saar coal fields were to be given to France for fifteen years. This was a great source of coal for the Germans and losing it meant that the Germans didn't have a supply of coal and raw materials for its indust ries. The Germans also had to de-militarize an area of their country called the Rhineland that was in between them and France and acted as a buffer zone. This was humiliating for the Germans as...
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