Political Cartoons from Wwii

Topics: Nazi Germany, World War II, Adolf Hitler Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: November 29, 2011
World War II was a dark time for the world. Not only was an entire race being exterminated but also over 60 million people were killed in this conflict. Most of Europe has been taken over by the Nazi, the head of the Axis. The United States eventually jumped into the fight, joining the Allies, after the Pearl Harbor attack. The citizens of the US only heard stories of what was happening in Europe. They needed more visual pieces of information to explain the situation. The political cartoons from World War II use humor, empathy, and fear to sway the reader to believe the Axis is evil.

Theodore Geisel, better know as Doctor Seuss, was responsible for many political cartoons of this time period. Geisel is one of the most popular author of children’s books and used cartoons to support the US in Europe. In his cartoon, Separate Beds, Geisel shows the US in one bed fast asleep and Europe, awake, with all their problems in the other. This was released right before the Pearl Harbor attack and US involvement in the war. This uses humor to show that the US and the rest of the world are not on good terms but we like it that way. He uses the couple sleeping alone analogy to show how that we are better off staying away from their problems. After we were attacked, we could not stay away any longer, bring the US into Japan and Europe. Supporting the US army, Geisel uses the cartoon, What Have You Done Today To Help Save Your Country From Them?, to obtain support for our country. The portrayal of Hilter and Hirohito, is comical because they are making weird faces. The message is for people to feel obligated to assist our country in defeating them. Though amused, some cannot take humor seriously in this solemn situation.

The Holocaust is arguably the world’s vastest tragedy. The estimated number or Jews killed by the Nazi ranges from 5 to 6 million. These people did nothing wrong and no race deserves to be eliminated. The Jews were treated like animals. Anyone that...
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