Tyler Mendoza

Topics: Nazi Germany, World War II, United States Pages: 1 (322 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Tyler Mendoza
Period 5

Using specific examples and evidence from history, describe the American reaction to the Nazi Holocaust of the 1940s. You would think that America would take a stand for world peace or at least stand up for what it right in this world, but that wasn’t the case during the time of the holocaust. I myself had come up with this preconceived idea that America did just that. Took an immediate stand against what the Nazi’s were doing. Instead America’s reaction was unusually causal. Although the United States eventually took action again the Nazi regime, it was not America’s first reaction. There are several examples of this. One is the telegraph by Germany. On September 3, 1942 United States received a telegraph from German that Nazis have moved Jews and others to Poland and Germany into ghettos. With this information the United States did not respond immediately, neither did Franklin Roosevelt. Another example of this was when the American government decided it would be best to not allow Jews to come to America. The American government made it harder and harder for Jew to enter in to America with all the documentation that needed to complete. With the help of the First Lady, President Roosevelt created WRB (War Refugee Board). These are just some the examples that the United States had the opportunity to take action against the Nazi’s but instead took on a care-free attitude. During the 1940’s America and majority of Americans surprisingly weren’t interested in the dealings with the Nazi’s and Jews in Germany. Not even the youths in America were interested; instead most youths were often prejudicing against Jews and American- Jews. There were even cases of acts of violence against Jews here in America. This is how Americans acted towards Holocaust, and this reaction was due to the lack of knowledge Americans had about what was happening in Germany in the 1940’s.
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