Political and Legal Factors of Chile

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Political and legal factor.

This piece of land across the globe, turned to Asia and chaired by a woman, is indeed an amazing country and it attracted all those who visit, contractors included. With steady growth over 15 years, this market is synonymous with economic stability, political and social.

The center-left government, in power since the return to democracy in 1989, continues to lead the neoliberal policies implemented under the dictatorship (privatization, concessioning, open borders, limited role of government, pension funds capitalization, etc.).. The consensus on economic policy the country has not been challenged in recent presidential elections in January 2006. The power in this country is definitely in the hands of the economic world. According to the Heritage Foundation, Chile is the third country in the Americas in terms of economic liberalization, behind Canada and the United States. This organization puts Chile on the 8th of 157 countries surveyed. Chile obtained an index of 79.8 points out of 100.

Chile has an annual growth rate of GDP of over 5% on average for 15 years and inflation has long been controlled (5% in 2007). Chilean and foreign investors enjoy the same rights (and obligations). The rate of corruption, very low, comparable to those of OECD countries. The study of the "Corruption Perceptions Index, produced in 2007 by Transparency International, puts Chile in 22nd position out of 163 countries, just behind the United States and Belgium. The banking system is healthy. This stability is also behind a strong sense of urban safety and a crime rate lower than neighboring countries.

It is therefore not surprising that the city of Santiago has been voted "Best Latin American city to do business" in 2007, or that COFACE consider Chile as the safest in Latin America with a "note country risk "A2 (same level as Italy and Portugal). The country is officially invited to be part of the member countries of the OECD....
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