Policy Analysis Paper

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  • Published : January 9, 2013
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Policy Analysis I Paper
Brenda Edwards
January 3, 2013
Jeremy Claridge

Policy Analysis I Paper
Public Policy throughout the criminal justice system should substitute social change as it search to bring about a more civilized and unbiased society. There are various operative approaches that influence government policy and numerous ways to encourage change, including tactics that outline the system as well as those that strengthen the system. In this is a paper, I will discuss a current federal, state or local issue that directly affects public policy pertaining to criminal justice system. I will first describe the issue; then I will discuss whether this policy is a regulatory or legislative-initiated policy; also I will tell you who initiated the issue or policy and if there is a constitutional issue; finally I will describe how the issue or policy affects the community, the accused and the victims. The Issue

To begin with, terrorist incidents have occurred in the United States and around the world for centuries. Tax revolters, anarchist, war protectors, and other critics of government policy have often used violence to get the messages to the policy makers controlling this issue. (Congleton, 2012) For example, consider the attacks of September 11, 2001; that attack has been widely interpreted as a comment on U.S. policy toward the Islamic world. Indeed terrorist attack s might be defined as violence for the purpose of sending a political message with the aim to influencing policy or at least of voicing disapproval. (Congleton, 2012) In this since, terrorism is one possible method of “political dialogue.” Now terrorist acts are classified as criminal acts, although motivated by political aims, it becomes clear that those acts should be punished in a manner comparable to similar crimes. All punishment of criminals is motivated in part by a desire to punish (retribution) and in part by a desire to reduce the incidence of future losses from...
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