Police Operations Paper

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Police Operations
September 03, 2010
Arnold Wicker


In the early 1900 policing made up of two basic functions patrolling and investigating crimes. Patrol officers patrolled the areas mainly on foot requiring direct contact with the community they served. The detectives investigated illegal gambling operations and corruption. Looking into modern policing dangers in the job is a primary concern and how to improve measures for the safety of the officers. The taser is a less than lethal weapon used to stop individuals without fatally wounding them. The use of modern technology in today’s policing has become widespread in securing Americas borders and every day policing duties. In policing there are applications significant to the aid of police officers; database and information technology, computer-aided dispatch, records management systems, and mobile computing. When looking into the terrorism, Homeland Security and law enforcement agencies across the country it is so imperative that all of these agencies work together to solve crimes by information sharing and departmental assistance. The police will play an important role as peace keepers, specialist in antiterrorism, and community outreach professionals.
Police Operations

The dangers that cause over half of all police deaths are traffic incidents. In 2009, 56 officers died in the line of duty by traffic incidents. According to data from the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund reported traffic remains the largest cause of death for 12 years running. In 2009, 47 officers died by intentional gunfire up 24% from the previous year and gunfire claimed the lives of 38 officers. These are the two major cause of death in policing and an increasing concern for different tactics more effective body armor. The use of tasers in policing today comes under scrutiny but is the...
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