police officers are born not made

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Police officers are born, not made.  Discuss 
There are several different types of police officers, such as the new PCSOs (Police Community Support Officers) were introduced by English and Welsh Police Forces in 2002.  PCSOs are civilians who are allowed to exercise limited police powers.  Their introduction was quite controversial and met with opposition by the Police Federation, the organisation which represents police officers. As well as the more traditional Police roles. The policing of the United Kingdom is not the responsibility of a single national police force.  In England and Wales, there are 43 police forces which undertake territorial policing on a geographical basis.  In Scotland there are eight regional police forces whilst in Northern Ireland there is a single force. In the U.S. most police departments use psychologists to administer pre-employment psychological screenings to candidates for recruitment in order to ensure that only the best psychologically fit candidates are selected.  Use of the CPI (California Personality Inventory) revealed significant differences between successful and non successful applicants for police recruitment.  Whilst the unsuccessful applicants were reasonably sound in terms of personal effectiveness there were significantly different on nine out of the nineteen CPI scales.  These were: Police officers were more assertive (dominance)

Police officers had more potential for social mobility (capacity for status) Police officers had more social poise (social presence)
Police officers had a more pronounced sense of self worth (self acceptance) Police officers had a need for autonomous achievement (achievement via independence) Police officers had more functional intelligence (intellectual efficiency) Police officers had more psychological mindedness

Police officers had more masculinity (femininity)
Police officers possessed greater social acuity (empathy).
Putwain and Sammons (2008) report slightly different results...
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