Law Enforcement Hiring

Topics: Police, Law enforcement, Exercise Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: October 25, 2011
CJ211: Police Operations
Unit 2: Local, State, and Federal Agencies
Project: Law Enforcement Hiring
By Jesse Davis
DATE: 10/04/2011

All the police dept use this type of process used to recruit law enforcement personnel is They conducts a screening process, where the person Appling for the job must complete a written exam and a physical fitness test. The person Appling must meet certain criteria to do the written and physical exams. The person Appling must make a score above the selected criteria and the person applying will be having a interview with the Police Advisory Board. A complete background investigation will be done after the written exam and physical fitness test Based on the Police Department criteria, after you are selected the person Appling will be put on a list for hire when a opening opens up for the dept.. The current hiring trends I see in all of the law enforcement fields Are: age, the age is usually 21 so far is what I have seen. Good health what I have seen so far is most of the departments have the same physical fitness test Vertical jump at least 16.5 inches, Completing at least 29 sit-ups in 1 minute ,and at least 25 push-ups (no time limit). The person applying must run a 300 meter run in 71 seconds or less and run a 1.5 miles in 16 minutes and 28 seconds or less, background checks: most of these checks are very Thrale but some checks I have seen vary by department. These hiring practices are successful for rooting out the people that are not cereus about becoming a cop, but I think they need to be like the military. Law enforcement personnel once hired. Will go thru these methods the time of hire, and must Maintain residency in the city of which they were hired during the first year of employment. Officer you will receive full pay and benefits while attending the police academy The Academy. The Academy is about 22 weeks long. Just hired officers attending the Academy thru the week must take classes in interpersonal...
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