Pokemon Analitical

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Monsters in My Pocket

In 1996 the company Game Freak devolved a game called Pokémon which was then owned by Nintendo. This small game has evolved into the second largest selling franchise in the world behind Nintendo's very own Mario Bros. series. Many kids across the world grew up playing Pokémon. Pokémon stands out compared to the other games before it. The kids before had played racing games, they had played shooting games, but the world had never seen a game where a kid could capture their very own pet like creature and use it to battle other people with Pokémon. This game taught kids forms of companionship and an opportunity to expand their imaginations.

The game of Pokémon surely does teach companionship to the kids that play it. In the beginning of the game, the player gets to choose from three starter Pokémon. The character gets one of these three starters from an old man who only has three Pokémon left. The player can choose a water, fire, or a grass type Pokémon. This one Pokémon usually gains the players trust throughout the journey. He gives the Pokémon a nickname and puts it at the head of its team. Oddly the player gets attached to this starter Pokémon, even though the Pokémon is only one part of this great game. The player gets so attached to that Pokémon because this one Pokémon takes you from the very beginning, all the way to the end. Sometimes the attachment gets to a point where if this Pokémon dies then part of the player also dies.

Along with the handheld video game, kids played a card game that all of them could play. If someone had the best cards, he or she would rule the school. But if someone wanted something that someone else had, he would either try his luck, and spend his weeks worth of allowance, or he could bargain and trade for the card he wanted. If a kid knows he has something that another kid wants, then he can see how much he can really get out of that special card. Say one collector had an Ancient...
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