Pokemon and Its Affects on Young Society

Topics: The Grunt, Maryland Route 4, Rhode Island Route 4 Pages: 41 (6839 words) Published: August 30, 2012
PL-1. Introduction Sequence
Starts off just as any other Pokemon game, an introduction, boy/girl and name. You dont get to pick your rivals name this time however, we all like their names to much. You start off in a dream sequence, with Arceus surrounded by Palkia, Dialga and Gratina. Arecus disappears, everythings starts shaking and then you wake up in your bed in Yellow Town. Head to the stairs and your mom will come up with a message from Prof. Jasmine asking you to go to Central City. Shell also ask you to set the clock. Leave the house, and immediately Kaori (the current champion of the Zhery League) will show up and take you to Central City on his Salamence.

In Central City, Kaori will take you to the (empty) lake where youll meet Professor Jasmine and Ash. They have you translate the stone in the lake, and Prof. Jasmine will decide that it needs to be destroyed. Kaori will take care of that with Empoleon and fill the lake. Ash and Kaori will take off and youll be jumped by a member of Team Steam that was hiding nearby. Professor Jasmine will ask you to pick a Pokemon to fight the Grunt. Charmander Lv5 19hp (Scratch, Growl)

Squirtle Lv5 19hp (Tackle, Tail Whip)
Bulbasaur Lv5 21hp (Tackle, Growl)
Poochyena Lv2 (15 exp)
After you defeat the Grunt, Jasmine will give you the Pokemon you chose. The Professor will take you to her lab, talk to her and shell tell you to head to Marfeny Lake, easy of Central City to find Professor Oak for her. Talk to her again to receive a Pokeball. And were off!

PL-2. Yellow Town
Pokeball (Prof Jasmine)
Max Potion (Little girl in the SW of the town)
Thunderstone (Kid in SW house)
Elekid (above the Lab)
Not much to do here besides get some items. On the right side on the outside of Jasmines Lab is a staircase that leads to a room with an Elekid. Either leave it alone altogether or take it, because when it asks Do you want this Pokemon? if you say No it will disappear. When youre done head north to Route 401.

PL-4. Route 401
Pokemon (Levels)
Starly (2-3)(8%), Wurmple(2-3)(45%), Bidoof(2-3)(45%), Poochyena(3)(2%) Items
Thief (cooltrainer)
Potion x2
Bug Catcher Jose $64
Caterpie Lv4 (45 exp)
Caterpie Lv4 (45 exp)
Venipede Lv4 (217 exp)
Venipede Lv4 (217 exp)
Youngster Juan $80
Poochyena Lv4 (46 exp)
Spearow Lv5 (61 exp)
Electrike Lv4 (88 exp)
Pidgey Lv5 (58 exp)
Blitzle Lv5 (60 exp)
Bug Catcher Matt $80
Kricketot Lv5 (181)
Caterpie Lv5 (55)
Venipede Lv5 (273)
Metapod Lv5 (76)
Metapod Lv5 (76)
A simple route with simple trainers. Near the sign, in front of the berry trees (the little round ones) a person will give you TM46, Thief. Teach it to a Pokemon and you can steal berries from trees. Two pokeballs in the grass hold potions. ===========================

PL-5. Central City
Potion $300
Antidote $100
Parlyz Heal $200
Awakening $250
Ultra Ball (Old man on bench)
TM01 Focus Punch (Blackbelt with Croagunk)
Growlithe (Guy between Safari Zone and Contest Hall)
Amulet Coin (house with Shinx)
Contest Pass (Lady in Contest Hall)
((NOTE There is a visual Glitch relating to the Contest Hall. If you enter a Contest you will forever have an image of the first Pokemon shown superimposed on the screen every time you are offered a Pokemon. The Glitch disappears when you leave or enter a room, but will reappear next time youre offered a Pokemon. If you enter another Contest, the superimposed Pokemon will change to whatever was first in that Contest. *As far as I can tell* this has no serious consequences, its just annoying. If you want to avoid this glitch, dont enter any contests.))

Welcome to Central City! Its got everything a new trainer could want, a Pokemon Center, Pokemart, Contest hall, Safari Zone and Radio Tower! Too bad it you cant buy...
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