Poetry Style Analyzes

Topics: Poetry, Style, Fiction Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: March 29, 2013
poetry style analyses
Have you ever wondered how singers make their songs or how the songwriters write the songs? Well I have and I’m going to tell you the literary devices that the singer Wale uses that all other poets singers and songwriters use. Wale uses metaphor, imagery, and rhyme in his songs to almost make them come alive in your mind. The first literary device that i will be going over is Metaphor ( a metaphor is someone say one is something that they are not) Wale uses metaphor in Lotus Flower bomb by saying that a girl is a lotus flower. he is saying that the girl is a flower because of how beautiful she is to him. He uses metaphor in the Friends­n­Strangers by saying “am I wrong for barking” this is a metaphor because he says he is barking when he is really yelling at that person. He uses metaphor in Center of attention by saying “you see the devil is alive but he works slow” this is a metaphor because he is saying that the devil is real and is alive, he is saying that him being famous that it is ruining his life slowly. He uses metaphor in Contemplate by saying “The next day you is everybody's target” this is a metaphor because he is saying that his self is a target for everyone else. The second literary device that he uses is Imagery (imagery is when you use descriptive words to make a picture in your mind) he uses imagery in Lotus Flower bomb when he says “ with that gorgeous face” this is imagery because he is saying that gorgeous face this puts a picture of a model in my mind. He also uses imagery in Friends­n­ Strangers by saying “I keep my friends close, enemies on a leash like” this is imagery because I imagine a person on a leash. He uses imagery in Center of attention when he says “And true I’ve seen better times cause i'm gettin dough” this is imagery because it puts a picture of stacks of money in my mind. Finally he uses imagery in Contemplate by saying “That cell phone that i bought is probably filled with some other n­ggas numbers”...
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