Poetry and William Wordsworth

Topics: Poetry, William Wordsworth, Romanticism Pages: 3 (1219 words) Published: April 6, 2011
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Good afternoon year 12 class. My name is Tendai Manara. Today l am going to discuss how William Wordsworth poems are still relevant to today‘s through his themes of return to nature and primitivism.William Wordsworth was known as one of the great poet that ever lived. He was a profound romantic poet of the late 17th century and early 18th century. Throughout his life he wrote numerous poems that captived and moved people of the late 17th and 18th century. Examples of his great work are the poems, “I wondered lonely as a cloud” and “Calm is all nature as a resting wheel”. Many of William Wordsworth‘s poems are related to the aspects of nature and how he was inspired by the beauty of the world. What made William Wordsworth remarkable was not his ability to bring the people of the 18th century together, in terms of English language but it was also being able to inspire the people of today’s society. Although several centuries have passed Wordsworth’s work is still relevant to today. Do you think about being amazed by nature? Poems such as “The stars are mansions built by nature’s hand,” by William Wordsworth bring to our attention how nature is beautiful. 1st paragraph

“The stars are mansions built by nature hand,” is a poem consists of four six-line stanzas in iambic tetrameter and an ABABCC ryyme scheme which was writtern in the 1820’s by the great William Wordsworth.

Throughout this poem it is designed to express the poet feelings towards the nature. William Wordsworth is surprised and awed by nature’s artistic creation and nature beauty. Nature In the romantic era was often presented as a work of art, constructed by a divine imagination in emblematic language.

A modern movie from a popular culture which is still relevant to today modern society is Avatar directed by James Cameron in 2009 .This movie is all about a beautiful blue planet Pandora inhabited by the Na’vi people known as the big blue things how they loved they are place and...
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