Topics: India, Law, Tourism in India Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: February 28, 2013

India’s republic day is the day of pride for every Indian as on this propitious day our constitution came into implementation. On 26th January the rule of law and order started with soul concern for the Indian citizens after freedom from colonial government. A constitution which is the ideal for the whole world to imitate its secular, democratic, republic and sovereign theme is constituted by our leaders with the spirit of unbigoted development of every section of the society. Out of the total pandemonium during partition phase, India has transformed to a strong nation economically, socially and politically. Our four pillars of democratic nation- Legislature, Executives, Judiciary and Media, with their stout efforts, have built India – a nation full of benevolent laws and decrees. Our arm forces are one of the strong arm forces in the world. Had it been erroneous, we could not have protected our nation with our neighbours, who had attempted to distort our unity and still have xenophobic feelings for India. We have hoarded high tech weapons in our ammunition store such as Agni, Pritvi, Brahmos, Akash, MIRVs missiles. These have the power to destroy enemies at the average distance of 150 – 200kms. In the field of science and technology India has gained startling momentum. Whether it is in medicines, IT, machinery or space. India has achieved laurels for its outstanding work in the inventions of Cataract surgery, Raman Effect, Appolo and Chandrayan Space missions etc. The unbiased working of the Election Commission in election has strengthened both our conviction and hopes in democratic values. In the recent years our legislature with the counsels of judiciary has passed beneficiary acts such as –Right to Information, Right to Education, MNREGA, Consumer Rights act etc. These laws have changed the conventional lives of rank and file. Our higher education with the establishments of IITs, IIMs, Universities are sparkling at the world forum...
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