Poem of Poems

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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1. “at the loneliest moment of an afternoon…” –Ted Kooser Selecting a Reader 2. “in that icy ocean between us…” Jan Heller Levi Not Bad, Dad, Not Bad 3. “The grey planes pregnant with bombs.” – Dorianne Laux Singing Back The World 4. “I spoke to friends who recognized the language of our relm.” – Leanne O’Sullivan The Cord 5. “eight dancers dressed as swans.” – Mary Cornish Numbers 6. “Always wants a hug and never gets enough”- Ronald Koertge Sidekicks 7. “whose perfume swayed in the air, turning the modest flowers scarlet and loose.” –Peter Meinke Love Poem 8. “Their whisper rises from beneath the stones to fuse into a single… light.” – Yves Bonnefoy Passer-By, These are Words… 9. “He wanted to go inside them and live.” Naomi Shihab Nye Rain 10. “But listen harder, use your imagination…” – George Bradley At the Other End of the Telescope 11. “The sky was low, the sounding rain was falling dense and dark.” – C.S. Lewis The late Passenger 12. “Like a mountain spring, anonymous and serene.”-Don Paterson Poetry 13. “Because the young in the world are crazy for light and the old are afraid it will leave them.”-Lola Haskins Dearborn North Apartments Chicago. Illinois 14. “galaxies swallowed by galaxies, whole solar systems collapsing, all of it acted out in silence.”- Nick Flynn Cartoon Physics, Part 1 15. “Certain thrills stay tucked in your limbs.”-Daisy Fried She Didn’t Mean To Do It 16. “a troop of angels had been shot and dissolved when they hit the ground.”-David Berman Snow 17. “Then light. Then hands. Then breath.”-Andrew Hudgins In the Well 18. “That’s the dreaming child.”- Lynne McMahon Barbie’s Ferrari 19. “I am thinking of a fairy tale that is not yet written, for a teller not yet born.”- Jane Yolen Fat is Not a Fairy Tale “Her mind has gone to seed… and that dandelion puff called memory had flown far from her eyes.”-Luisa Villani Watching the Mayan Women “That’s the dreaming child.”...
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