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Topics: Steve Buscemi, Participation, Origin Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Interview questions-Comenius Project

1) Please State your Full Name.
2) How long have you stayed on the Island?
3) Where are you originally from?
4) What is your Nationality?
5) How did you hear about St.Maarten?
6) What reasons motivated you to migrate to St.Maarten?
7) Have you left any family members in your country of origin? 8) Do you intend for them to start living here on the island at some point? 9) What were the advantages and Disadvantage of moving to St.Maarten for you? 10) Describe how you adopted to the St.Maarten Culture.

11) Do you still feel connected with your previous culture? 12) What process did you go through to obtain legal status on St.Maarten? 13) Why do you think that process is in place here on St.Maarten 14) Do you think the process should be simplified? Why or why not? 15) How would you describe your experience in attaining a job on the island? 16) Do you give back to the community in any way? (examples: community service) 17) Do you find the water habitats on the island important and should be preserved? (for example the mangrove habitats around the island) 18) Could more be done to achieve this?

19) Do you identify you (or yours) as St.Maarteners or as from your country of origin? Why or Why not 20) In retrospect, do you think coming to St.Maarten was a smart move?

Disclaimer: Participation in this interview indicates an agreement in the use of your answers and information gathered throughout this process (on a basis of participant anonymity) to be used in reports and further surveys.
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