Pos Introduction

Topics: Management information system, Real estate, Information systems Pages: 6 (1934 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Chapter 1
2.1 Background of the Study
The need for an effective communication is indeed important in today’s technological world especially in different forms of business that requires advertisements to promote their featured-products. Since the proponents are aware of the current trends of delivering services through the internet they offered an easier way to advertise a product which is through the help of online information system. This study is focusing more on the dissemination of information in advance way unlike the real estate business that nowadays which are still using leaflets or brochures to feature their products which is very conventional way. The increasing demand of this technologically based society gives idea to the proponents to upgrade and modify the way the company offers their products to the target market. NADEL Builders and Homesite Realty is a Christian – Family business. NADEL came from the name of the owners, “NA” stands for Nathalie Balao and “DEL” for Rodel Sarino. It started April 2007 as a sole proprietorship business, a month after, and it became partnership of the aforementioned people and founded their office on its present location. The company is located at Daang Amaya 1, A. Soriano Hi-way, Tanza, Cavite. It was founded in December 2007. It is owned by Mr. Rodel Sarino and Ms. Nathalie Balao. The following persons are the trusted personnel of the owner that mans the smooth operation of the company: Mr. John Barry Tecson (Management Information System); Mr. Emer Antonio (Liaison Office); and Atty. Adel Bert Allan (Legal Department). NADEL Builders and Homesite Realty is an establishment that sells estate to people. At present, the company has two projects: the Promise Land that has 3.2 hectares and Villa Francisca that has 2.8 hectares of lawn lot. The target market of the NADEL Builders and Homesite realty are the families who are looking for a home which they can call their own. They are catering their services to those who are interested in investing into houses, likewise since they know how time is valuable by their customers they try to create an Online Information System wherein they can schedule their visits in accordance to their convenience. In totality, NADEL Builders and Homesite Realty is extending their capabilities to render the service in the most effective and accessible manner. Since the access of the internet is within the fingertips of everyone around the globe, they can also extends their service to the OFW and other foreign customers that are interested in the projects NADEL Builders and Homesite Realty are offering, with the help of Online Information System they are able to seek thorough and in depth evaluation about the projects they are willing to invest with. The proponents who wanted to make an Online Information System identified problems during the course of interview with the manager Mr. Rodel Sarino regarding with the dissemination of information about their real estate business and the availability of the options, description and the cost of lot to the target market. The manager mentioned that they took lots of time, money and manpower to distribute leaflets and brochures featuring their offered products. The proponents wanted to offer an alternative way to create an online information system that will provide opportunity to the company to meet the needs of their clients in a more accessible way. This project will promote expansion in terms of the company’s ability to disseminate information in a larger market through the help of this online service. 2.2 Statement of the Problem

1.2.1 General Problem
* How to develop an Online Information System for the NADEL Builders and Homesite Realty? * The main problem of the proponent is how to develop an Online Information System for NADEL Builders and Homesite Realty since the company does not have an existing website. 1.2.2 Specific Problems

* How will the system...
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