Pnp Role in Development

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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Role of the PNP in the Development

Peace is a pre-requisite for development as a whole because it creates an enabling environment for the fundamentals of a society’s progress: human capital formation, infrastructure development, markets subject to the rule of law, and so on. In the absence of peace, education and health structures break down, systems to provide infrastructure disintegrate, and legal commerce is crippled. Critically, peace also frees up resources, both financial and human, that would otherwise be diverted to controlling (or creating) violence. Intuitively, we’ve long known that peace and development go hand in hand – generally speaking, the more peaceful a society, the more prosperous and stable. But we’re only now starting to understand the economic costs of violent conflict. Over the last ten years, in about 60 countries, violence has significantly and directly reduced growth. Moreover, there is a strong relationship between business enterprise and peace. In a 2008 worldwide study conducted by the United Nations Global Compact, 80% of senior managers felt the size of their markets grew with increasing peacefulness and 79% felt costs decreased with improving peacefulness. Increasingly, peacebuilding is not just an economic necessity but a fiercely urgent one, and this is very true with the Philippines. The Philippine National Police (PNP) has always been tasked to maintain peace and order, and also to actively engage in non-traditional policing roles such as socio-economic activities in support of the government’s development programs. Events of time have also proven that the traditional role of the PNP has changed making him more identified with great majority through the mandate of the Constitution that the PNP be of civilian character. Its function and role have made it more up-beat with social realities. This time, the PNP members are no longer confined within the portals of police camps and combat zones.  No longer they are ignorant...
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