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I have been asked to select a toy or equipment to play. I choosed a Gymini Move&Play activity mat made by 'Tiny Love'. The toy I choosed is best suitable for children from 0-1 year. The Tiny Love Gymini Move and Play Gym is the only gym that adjusts to baby's developmental stages. The revolutionary sliding arches allow for endless play options, easy access to lift baby in and out and even space for parents to play along side baby. Baby will delight over the fun electronic light and music toy with 7 melodies. Adorable hanging toys can be positioned anywhere on the arches using the unique slide rings bringing smiles to baby as they reach and bat at their favorite toys. The extra large mat is thick and soft, with engaging animals friends, 3D zebra main. Peek-a-boo elephant ears and crinkle squar .

I choosed the Gymini activity mat because I have younger sister at home. I know that she enjoy of it for few hours every day. She has learn a lot with it, and helps in her language, intellectual, physical, emotional and social development. This toy is very useful for long time and entertains baby for a long period. The toy gives a baby great fun. Availability and Cost of the toy:

This toy can be bought in many good toy shops for e.g.
-in Argos for €70.99 (
-in Ken Black toy shop is for €69.99 but on the sale is for €59.99. -Also we can find this toy on ebay web site for €69.19 plus the cost of the postage which will be about €20.00. Obviously I would buy it in Ken Black toy shop in Carlow, because there is the cheapest one. Safety of the toy:

On the box of this plaything we can find marks like:
-The age advice safety symbol, this means that the toy is suitable for new born baby’s until 9 months. Is very important to choose the right toy for the age of child.(Tiona.B, Carolyn.M, Julian.G, Hodder Education, 5th ed.) -The CE symbol, this is the toy manufacture's self-declaration that their product meet basic EU legal requirments. (Tiona.B, Carolyn.M, Julian.G, Hodder Education, 5th ed.) This is not, infact, a safety symbol. The toy is made by the non toxic and safe materials, also is easy to clean because this is a washable mat. Since babies and toddlers put everything to their mouth, this active mat have small items but their are big enough in size that the baby can't choke on. This toy has 12 different items made by different materials for baby to feel and play with, for e.g. is smooth, furry, bumpy and rough on some parts but doesn't have any sharp edges. Also there are flaps on the outside of the mat that enable you to raise the borders, making sure that your baby is safe and secure while they play and that they don’t roll off the play mat.

The toys used by babies under 1 year should be disinfected daily. When the child is using this toy at home it should have a regular washing routines. The floor must to be clean , because this mat take a lot of space so is usually laid on the carper or on the floor, it helps keep the mat clean. Is good that the mat is easy to keep clean because it’s washable in 30°c. (Tiona.B, Carolyn.M, Julian.G, Hodder Education, 5th ed.) Durability:

I think that rattles are made of hard plastic which is difficult for baby to damage it. Also i have to say that the toy is long lasting colour because after a few washes the colours are the same, they don’t fade. This toy already went through two generations so this toy have good quality. Assembly:

The Gymini Move & Play mat is wrapped in cardboard box with a plastic window, with two adjustable arches and seven toys. Set up of this toy and ready to go is extremely simple. The arches simply snapped into the little pockets on the four corners of the mat and the toys attached to the sliding hanging ring connectors. The negative side of the Gymini Move&Play is that the batteries are not included in the box, so you have...
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