Plato and Socrates Place Rulers

Topics: Plato, Socrates, Escape Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Describe Socrates’ reasons (in the Crito), for refusing to escape from prison.

In the text Crito, is compose of the Socrates’ and Crito’s dialogues whether escaping from the prison or not. Because of the corrupting youth Socrates sentenced to death. By ask questions Socrates made people questioned their belief. Therefore Socrates called as ‘god fly’. After all these cases Crito try to convince Socrates to escape from the prison. However Socrates does not want to escape. According to Socrates’ view point one should never do wrong in return nor do any man harm, no matter what he may have done to you. Condemning Socrates to death can be wrongdoing but if Socrates escapes from the prison in return he will continue this wrongdoing. Therefore he does not want to escape. Additionally, he thinks that he choose to live in Athen therefore he responsible to gratitude the laws. It is the first reason of Socrates to stay in jail. I think he believes the tacit agreement as a social contract. Secondly Socrates does not trust the other cities. Because there is no certain better life outside of Athen not only for him but also his family. Socrates worried about that therefore it is one of the reasons to stay in jail. Thirdly he thinks about his reputation. He claims that if he escapes then the crime would be accepted. Because people think that if Socrates is innocent then why he escapes. Since Socrates thinks in this way, he refuses to escape. The other point is about his friends and family. He states that his friends and family may be harmed if he escapes. In order to learn Socrates’ place rulers can put pressure on his family. Lastly and interestingly he thinks that it is God’s will.

When all reasons are considered Socrates has lots of reasons to stay in jail.
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