Plastic Surgery

Topics: Plastic surgery, Surgery, Reconstructive surgery Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: March 16, 2012
Plastic surgeries; a way to become more beautiful or someone’s unhealthy idea? Plastic, plastic and even more plastic, who could’ve thought that one day it would end up inside people. It’s pretty obvious someone’s unhealthy idea. People prefer to get plastic surgeries so that they can fit in or to become more beautiful. Plastic surgeries may cause people harm in many ways. Plastic surgeries may make people look beautiful but look at the cost it isn’t really word it is it. However small or easy the surgery the surgery may be or look something always goes wrong. To begin with people prefer to get plastic surgeries so that they can fit in or to become more beautiful. People may be beautiful on the outside but how about what’s inside you; it’s what’s inside you that counts. If someone’s personality is lacking their appearance will too. A study by Psychology Today magazine shows that many people are not satisfied with their looks: 60,000,000 do not like their noses; 30,000,000 do not like their chins; 6,000,000 do not like their ears and another 6,000,000 do not like their eyes. Only considering the face! If people are beautiful on the inside then it will shine out so people don’t need plastic surgeries. Furthermore, plastic surgeries may harm you in many ways. Although there are serious such as blindness and heavy lung problems are rather rare, less serious ones should not be neglected: chronic pain, allergic reaction, delayed or prolonged healing, In any case, cosmetic surgery is far from pain free. Plastic surgeries may harm people in many ways that people may not expect so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Additionally, plastic surgeries cost a lot for a simple thing. Why spend it for something you don’t need that much anyway? When you can save it and just cover it up with make upon, it’s simple and easy to do and won’t cost people that much. However small or easy the task may seem something always goes wrong, in 20% of surgical operations, the patient has...
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