Plastic Surgery on Teenagers

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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The time, where surgery was only for those people, who were ill or had been in an accident and really needed the surgery, have long time passed. It is no longer for those, who really need it. After all we have developed throughout the years, the more we sigh for perfection. Today it has become an obsession to be as perfect as you can be. [1] ”We’ve made a decision about what beauty looks like in this country, and everybody – teens in particular – wants to fit the mold,” says Diana Zuckerman. Many teenagers see these beauty icons in magazines and posters and therefore they get a very low self-esteem.

1. Outline about various views on plastic surgery for teenagers:

The first text, Plastic surgery for teens

The Modern society with all the beauty icons from TV, magazines, posters on the streets and with all the texts about ‘how to look good’ has affected the entire American society according to the text “Plastic Surgery for teens” written by Ulene Valerie. Ulene, who is now a grown up woman, presents her personal view on why so many people consider plastic surgery in a very young age.

In Ulenes opinion, it is not appropriate to have cosmetic surgery when you not even have finished your physically development and not even old enough to make your on choices. As teenager you change your opinion about your look and what you hate and love about your body and yourself all the time. Sometimes it is not only the teenager, but also the parents who want it for their kid very badly. Ulenes opinion is that it is not okay, cause it affects the young people too much, and therefore they will maybe regret, that they completed the plastic surgery later in there life, when they are more grown up.

Ulenes point of view in this text is therefore that [2]“Teens need to be mature enough to understand what the surgery can and cannot do for them”. As teenager she considered a nose job herself, but now she is glad that she did not do it. [3]“At 44 years of age,...
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