Plant Design

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Final Project: Plant Design
Instructor: Arun Nambiar
Christopher Castillo
Pencheng Xiong
December 3, 2012

Executive Summary
Our layout is designed for cost effectiveness. With the superb plant location being close to highway 99 and 41 makes it the best choice for you. From the central valley you can get anywhere in California in good timing. It also has an ideal market with many cities and towns and nearby shopping centers. The production layout is built is built to be effective and require few machine operators. Introduction

First we began with the ideal plant location. Second we created a dimensionless block diagram to create the optimal plant layout. Then to determine the best machine layout we made a multi-column process chart to configure an efficient machine layout. It is important to keep the machine operators doing the most work with fewer movements. Finally we designed the warehousing and equipment needed to move product. We decided that diesel forklifts would be best to move large amount of product from the production line to warehouse and from warehouse to shipping. Plant Location

We have found the perfect location for the new plant. It will be located in Fresno, CA on The NW corner of Willow and North. This location is ideal, because of easy access to highway 99 and 41. That will allow for faster and cheaper shipping. The total size of the plant will be about 7400 sq. ft.

Plant Layout
In determining the plant layout we used the method of dimensionless block diagram this is a three step process. First we made an activity relationship diagram this is used to determine the relationships between each department within the facility. This is then copied over to an activity relationship worksheet which is then used to create the block diagram.

Department| A| E| I| O| U| X|
Product Design| -| 5| 4, 11| -| 2, 3, 6, 7| 8, 9, 10| Maintenance| -| 5, 11| 8| 4, 9, 10| 3, 6, 7| -|
Shipping | 6| -| 7| 4,...
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