Plans for the Future

Topics: High school, Physician, Medicine Pages: 2 (760 words) Published: February 10, 2013
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All our lives we have been asked what we want to be when we grow up. Our parents allow our imaginations to wander in any which direction we choose up until a certain age. Now that we’re teenagers, we’re almost grown up, and those outrageous ideas for career choices don’t seem so realistic anymore. With college just around the corner, it’s time to decide paths we as young adults are willing and determined to take. Instead of looking at high school as a time of social acceptance and identity, it needs to be viewed as a stepping stone to our futures. The idea of going to college was never a question for me; it was more of a matter of which school and which career path. Realizing the problems our economy is in, the medical field is a popular choice among many people. For me personally, I’m willing to go all the way and become a doctor. By working hard to obtain my M.D I can look back on my high school self and know that I accomplished the goals I’m setting now.

Before talking about the career choice itself, let’s review the steps necessary to even become a doctor. First of all, while in high school you need to apply to the college of your choice, but preferably one with a good medical program. For example the college I am interested in is Cal State Long Beach but with the choice of job I want, that isn’t a realistic option for me. Instead I am better off looking at schools such as UC Irvine, San Diego State, or UCLA. Cal State Long beach has all the qualities I’d normally look for in a school. It’s a public school, It’s located by the beach, has a very good financial aid program, and tuition isn’t too crazy (Around $2,133 for 1-6 units and $3,678 for 7-12 units) plus housing which usually ranges around $1,500 a month. But it lacks the program I’m looking for. It’s possible to go to Cal State Long Beach and do all the prerequisites for medical school then transfer, but is that really what I want to do; hop from school to school? Instead of looking...
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