Planning a Lesson

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You are a science teacher planning a lesson on monitoring changes in temperature. Given lab equipment, a thermometer and three cups of water at different temperatures, students will be able to record the temperatures on a graph with 80% accuracy. You plan to use an authentic assessment technique.

Create a rubric for this assessment and attach it as a Word document to your post. Discuss these questions in your response: What do you see as the essential steps for creating a rubric for authentic assessments? When making a rubric, educators need to point out what they want to determine. Rubrics should be created before the unit to ensure the students are taught the main components. In addition, it can assess criteria from previous units. According to DeSprit (2010) Assessments should usually evaluate no more than 5 elements for each task. If too much is being assesses it is difficult to truly identify the strengths and weaknesses of a student. What constitutes an authentic assessment and how does one judge whether the assessment is reliable? Authentic assessment presents students with real-world challenges that require them to apply their relevant skills and knowledge. To decide whether an assessment is reliable it must be free of bias and distortion. Reliability and validity are two concepts that are important for defining and measuring bias and distortion. Evaluate the challenges of classroom management when dealing with authentic assessments. With this type of assessment there will be challenges. The use of authentic assessment will clearly show the students how their work will be evaluated and what is expected. This assessment provides useful feedback regarding the effectiveness if the instruction. Do you enjoy creating such activities? Why or why not?

Being a substitute teacher I haven’t been given the chance to create assessments. I believe that once I am truly comfortable and more familiar with its usage I would enjoy it.

DeSprit, D. (2010). Creating...
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