Planned Parenthood

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Planned Parenthood: Who is Right?
Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama on the Issue of Planed Parenthood Funding

It is now 2012 and it is an election year full of controversial issues that need to be discussed by each candidate. This campaign is said to have a “cavalier disregard for facts on both sides,” so much so that “the campaign has become bitter and trivial." Who would you vote for if the election was today? How much do you really know about the controversial issues? You, the voter, are in charge. You get to choose who runs your country and how. You have two choices so make your well-informed decision wisely. Mitt Romney is the candidate for the Republican party, who is against the federal funding of the organization based on his beliefs against abortion, and Obama is rerunning for a second term for the Democratic Party, who has a "right to choose" policy and supports funding for the group. Each candidate has their own, very different opinion on how the federal funding should be distributed to women's group Planned Parenthood due to their own personal beliefs and the beliefs of their political party.

Planned Parenthood, also know as Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), is a pro-choice, non-profit organization that provides affordable health care, primarily reproductive health, maternal, and child health services. It also provides sex education, affordable contraception options, HIV and cancer screening, and some branches offer abortion services. The organization receives federal funding but this money cannot be used for abortion services. The Federal Government, in the fiscal year 2009-2010, gave Planned Parenthood nearly $500,000,000 (Napier). The organization currently serves about 3 million people in the United States.

Barack Obama, our current president since 2008, believes in a woman's right to choose. He supports the federal funding of Planned Parenthood and sees the organization for all the positive aspects and not just the abortion...
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