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Topics: Shiva, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: March 7, 2013
The Murugan Temple situated at the top of the Palani hills one of the Six holy abodes

The 16th Century Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health at the coastal town of Velankanni

Tamil Nadu has the credit of having 34000 Hindu temples which are several centuries Old. The cities in ancient Tamil Nadu is believed to have revolved around the magnificent temples built by the Pallava,Chola and Pandya empires and therefore most of the cities in the state have a lot of religious significance and contain a no. of temples and shrines in and around their limits.Temple towns like Madurai and Kanchipuram are thronged by visitors throughout the year. Chidambaram

Chidambaram is the seat of the cosmic dancer Lord Nataraja (Ananda Tandava pose ; the Cosmic Dance of bliss). It is one of the Pancha Bhutasthalas.The Chidambaram Temple dedicated to Lord Natraja built in the 9th century has an unusual hut-like sanctum with a gold-plated roof and four towering gopuras.Many Chola kings were crowned here in the presence of the deity. Nearby a sculptural temple is Melakadambur, with its distinct architecture that makes it resemble a chariot. Srirangam

Srirangam another example of classic temple town, houses the Ranganathaswamy Temple a major pilgrimage destination for the Vaishnava community.It is the biggest functioning Hindu temple in the world (156 Acres) and the temple tower measuring 60 m (196 ft)is the tallest Hindu temple tower in the world. East of the Rangnathasamy temple is the 17th century temple town of Jambukeshvar Temple, in the town of Tiruvanaikka an important destination for worshipers of Lord Shiva. Tiruchirapalli

Tiruchirapalli, no temple town by itself is a feeder point to several other temple towns and major shrines in Central Tamil Nadu.the 'Ucchi Pillayar' shrine located at the top of the prominent ruins of the Rock Fort is one such temple.Tiruchirapalli is also very close to the Parvati temple in Samayanallur and the temple towns of Srirangam and...
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