Placement Report Writing

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Placement Report

1. Introduction

The gist of the placement report is that you critically analyse the various jobs and tasks you carry out during your placement and particularly reflect on the set of competencies required. It is crucial to use the string of the bi-weekly activity reports and the the feedback from your company coach and co-workers. The net result of the placement experience should be that you have gained a fair and balanced insight into your professional competencies and moreover that you know what you are particularly good at and which deficiencies must be corrected. This reflection is not purely subjective or solely an individual mental activity. It is not your individual assessment that counts, but it is a comprehensive analysis of your performance as seen not only by yourself, but also by others. You should be aware this will take courage and require a certain degree of openess and honesty on your part. The reward however will be well worth your while. Once you have acquired a clear picture of yourself and your own abilities, your self-esteem will grow considerably, as will your future professional grow potential. When dealing with a research project, you must first integrate your research findings or succinct synopsis of the research report into your placement report. In so doing you will automatically have to analyse typical research skills, such as methodology and critical thinking. Once you are approaching towards the end of your placement period you will be facing the task of how to bring a proper balance into the report as a whole bearing in mind that you have come to the end of a learning curve and that you have to give an account of what you really have learned. This implies that you have already considered your work as an integral whole and that you demonstrate this by handing in a consistent and harmonious critical assessment. This means you must be able to balance and interrelate different aspects of the job, i.e. different clusters of competencies, and reflect on what was of greater or lesser importance and relevance. It goes without saying that you must make choices in this instance and that you define and corroborate what you consider to be crucial and what not. Lastly, the finishing touch will be that you are able to display what you have actually learned.

2. Structure of the Placement Report

* Use your Student Self Asssesment Forms (ssaf), Activity Reports and company feedback as input for writing your placement report.

Your final placement report should have the following structure:

Title page
Name of the company and department you work in
Name of company coach and IBMS placement supervisor
Date of publication
Table of contents

The report itself should have the following structure

First chapter: Company, department and placement assignment

In the introduction to the chapter you briefly indicate which company you are working for and in which specific department, stating your role and assignment.

Reasons for choosing this particular company
You have to be able to substantiate your choice of company. For example consider such issues as: * Profit or non-profit
* Size of the company
* Type of department
* Work under supervision or independently
* Company culture
* Norms, Value and Ethics.

Approaches adopted in order to get this placement
How did you approach the company in the first place and even more importantly how did you present yourself to the company. Considering this experience will turn out to be helpful when you come to consider your learning objectives. Finally, in retrospect, what, if anything, would you change should you have to do it over again.

Outline of the specific department in question (i.e., where the placement actually took place).

More in-depth information should be given here than was given in the introduction. Please pay attention to the following issues: * Role of...
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