Place & Promotion Strategy

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  • Published: November 12, 2012
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Appropriate Place & Promotion Strategy
Developing a strategic marketing plan should include the appropriate place and promotional strategy to ensure that what goes on behind the scenes positively impacts the view the consumer has on the product for long-term sustainability. A keen awareness of the marketplace and customer need is essential to ensuring the appropriate amount of advertising is conducted to distribute product. Having a sound marketing strategy in place ensures that marketing objectives are achieved cost effectively. Advertising, publicity, and sales promotion are activities designed to promote and persuasively influence people to buy a company’s product or service. Promotional strategy should be devised in a manner that is reflective of promotional objectives and are measurable. Careful evaluation of goals, cost of promotion compared to benefits, and what promotions are working or not working should be considered. When deciding what form of advertising is best to promote a product, an assessment should be made of advantages and disadvantages of each method to ensure promotion and cost effectiveness. Pro Medical Source promotion budget allows for the focus on multiple mediums for advertising as part of the promotional strategy best suited for promotion and cost effectiveness. The use of a sales promotion schedule by Pro Medical Source is essential to increase sales and brand awareness for Company. Through strategically planned sales and incentives, consumers will be enticed to try the product offered and ensure current customers remain loyal to the brand. Promotional activities offered such as discount coupons to potential park visitors and others in the target market is important to incorporate into the sales promotion schedule. Having a sales promotional calendar to reference allows for management to properly measure previous sales promotions effectiveness and plan accordingly for expected future schedules to impact the organization in a positive manner. A sales promotional calendar should include promotion dates, activity, projected cost and outcomes, actual cost and outcomes. Detailed information, including persons involved in orchestrating promotional activity will help to expedite and alleviate unknowns and unexpected cost for future promotional campaigns.

Place refers to how our organization makes products available with the right quantities to our customers. This is important because technology has made it extremely easy for consumers to get the product directly. The Place for Pro Medical Source office will be in a location centralized to the east and west coast. Our service is considered a necessity that specializes in equipment that you cannot purchase at just at any electronics store. Therefore, we will make it convenient for customers that shop with us. For instance, if they need a portable computer shipped this centralized location will have accessibility to our customer service, not only does this bring in new customers but build our clientele for new business. The Promotional strategy is selling the customer on our product. Promotion is how our company communicates data and information from our marketing strategy to Pro Medical Source customers and potential buyers. Promotion involves educating our customers about the products that are available at the best price. Our promotion will cater to our targeted market which are mostly Doctors and Medical Professionals. Our promotion strategy caters to the differentiation and positioning strategies to be effective. The Promotion includes personal selling, mass selling, and sales promotion. Pro Medical Source primary strategy will be organizational selling such as face-to-face meetings with company heads, internet and fliers. Personal selling is selling products directly from seller to doctors and nurses. Mass selling involves a large number of potential customers from the targeted market. Sales promotion produces instant feedback to the organization...
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