Pixar's Way of Fostering Creativity

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Executive Summary3


Pixar’s way of fostering creativity4
Creating a motivational environment within Pixar for their employees4 Developing motivation for creativity through physical surroundings.4 Motivating individuals and teams at Pixar5
The significance of group relationships for motivation and productivity6 What Pixar’s creative practices reveal about their empowerment management.6 The link between empowerment and creativity7

How Pixar’s creativity practices empower their employees8 The contribution of empowerment to the success of Pixar Animation Studios9

Practical Implications within Supply Chain11




Executive Summary

This report provides a critical and theoretical analysis of how Pixar’s management and resources empower and motivate their employees and how it has contributed to the success of Pixar animation studios’.

After examining what factors of Pixar’s management effectively motivates their employees, it was found that motivation and inspiration was derived from Pixar’s physical surroundings and also the creative freedom granted to their employees. Moreover, having no micromanagement also influenced Pixar’s employee motivation; this implied that there was mutual trust and respect within the teams. Collaboration was also essential for increased motivation for creativity, this allowed individuals to share ideas and accept constructive feedback.

The report also assesses the link between Pixar’s creativity practices and empowerment management. It was established that employee empowerment increases employee engagement and promotes the “creative process”; employee engagement was applied by constant interaction whether it was meetings or sport. As a result, Pixar retained quality employees as well as grossed $5.9 billion dollars over 10 years, which was 37% higher than their main competitor DreamWorks.

A comparison was also made to the practicality of Pixar’s methods within supply chain. It was deduced that supply chain doesn’t require the creative conditions that Pixar has available, this was because the supply chain employees are subjected to shorter deadlines, require quick response systems and more process orientated tasks.


Pixar’s vision is to combine exceptional talent and technology to provide memorable feature films that appeals to all types of audiences. In order to understand how this is executed, from one aspect we need to understand Pixar’s management practices in terms of employee motivation and empowerment and how it has successfully fosters creativity for each individual

Pixar’s way of fostering creativity

Creating a motivational environment within Pixar for their employees

Motivation is one of four key drivers of individual behavior and influences the level of performance within the workplace; therefore it is key to the efficiency and success of any organization. Individual motivation is a result of intrinsic and extrinsic factors, which are influenced by the working environment, the level of individual engagement and also team relationships.

Developing motivation for creativity through physical surroundings.

Mary Jo Bitner’s, (1992) research emphasized that “emotion-eliciting or affective qualities of environments, suggesting that environments can be viewed as aesthetic stimuli capable of eliciting affect”. Pixar is a company that requires a continuity of fresh and fun ideas that the audience will be attracted to, therefore aspire to establish a physical environment that fosters inspiration and creativity for each individual. One method of encouraging creativity is through the use of high ceilings, this is seen through the architecture of their studios, which have “curved metal roof resembling an airplane hangar” and also “incredible-sized atriums” which are used for meetings. Also, in contrast to many corporate firms,...
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