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The pitbull is a fighting dog that can do more damage to a body than any other breed of dog. Pitbulls are capable of biting harder, lasting longer, and killing quicker than any other dog breed. A statistic by Dr. Lachman, a veterinarian, shows that in 1999 the breed of dog responsible for the most dog bite fatalities was indeed the pitbull, with over double the amount of fatalities as the second ranked breed the Rottweiler.

I chose a pitbull to observe for this animal behavior assignment, specifically my own pitbull, Red. Red is a six month old red nose pitbull. Red is a mammal, and falls into the vertebrae group. His scientific name is a Pitbull terrior, but the common name is pitbull or pit. Red eats around seven cups of Iams puppy chow everyday, and it is constantly increasing. Pitbulls can be found all over the world, but they are more common in large cities because sadly, some people use pitbulls as fighting dogs.

Pitbulls are looked down upon in society due to their awful reputation. Pitbulls are known to be mean, aggressive, fighting dogs. Pitbulls are also known to be owned by drug dealers, pimps, and thugs. There are over three hundred counties in the United States alone that have a ban on pitbulls. The traits that were breed into the pitbull to make them have such an awful reputation, along with being the ultimate fighting dog are as follows: a high level of a substance known as L-tyrosine in the brain causes a high degree of “arousability, incredible levels of tenacity. Meaning once a pitbull has started an attack, it is difficult to stop the dog. Furthermore, there are many stories of people beating them over the heads with baseball bats and with no success in stopping the offense. The pitbull has been bred to have a very high threshold for pain because it produces high levels of endorphins during an attack which produce an effect similar to morphine. Allowing the dogs to exhibit a trait called gameness, or a willingness to continue...
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