Topics: Affect, Confidence, Self Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: February 2, 2013
We all know that pimples are the common problem that everybody tends to avoid; and these pimples are common among teenagers and adolescents, but what are its causes? Nowadays teenagers are greatly affected in having pimples. Pimples are just a little spot that commonly grow in the face which causes big insecurity to everyone. This pimples somewhat lower one’s self confidence and make them think that they are not good looking and they treat it as a disadvantage. This is a cause why they are some people who is an shame to go out in neighborhood and to bond with their peers. In my own opinion, one of the factors why pimples are commonly among teenagers is because of the age. Pimples are common among teenagers and adolescents because it is the period were many changes happen. The other causes of pimples could be sleeping late at night, eating fatty foods, eating nuts, using of different cosmetics and the heredity are may be the causes. Pimples among teenagers affect the way they live. It affects how they interact with one another and how they treat themselves. No one of us wanted to have those pimples, no one wanted that if they will look on the mirror they will see that red spot. In fact those people who have it wanted to get rid of it. Due to the insecurities and lack of self-confidence that pimples do, I want to know the real causes of pimples for us to be informed and for us to avoid it.
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