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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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3. Pilgrimage, religious learning and religious scholars: Examine the impact of travel on spreading ideas. Religious ideas of Islam start briefly in the Middle East, the spreading of teaching in Islam had been occurred mostly due to traders. Conversion happened peacefully by the path of the trade networks linking the region with South Asia, China and Middle East, in which Muslim Traders and traveling preachers or holy men from these region served as the main means of transmission. Connection to the sea means that Islam made its initial impact and took root most intensively in the archipelagic region of Southeast Asia, in modern-day Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. By this, it slowly spread from a travelers to a community they stays and they becoming whole. This impact had been seen, according to Islamic Council of Victoria historians argue “that by the beginning of the ninth century Arab merchant and sailors, (and other Muslims) had begun dominate Nanhai (Guangzhou) or Southeast Asia trade” Introduction of Islamic religion and religious practice to Southeast Asia is somewhat of a debate. European historian have argued that it came through trading contact with india, whereas some Southeast Asian Muslim scholars claim it was brought to the region directly from Arab in the Middle East. It spread firstly in India the following the path of trading networks as in Malaya (Malacca trading port) then in Indonesia as well as Phillipnes. The Muslim traders who among them are Arabian inconveniently spread the teaching of islam by how they trades. Local people were aware of this new religion and try to understand more by learning and approaching the traders in leading them. Ever since Islam had been introduced in Southeast Asia, people began to learn how to read and write, learning the basic life teaching through Islam, which is way some says coming of this religion is the center of Islamic learning. At the advent of Islam education was one of the major points of...
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