Physiology Assignment

Topics: Coming out, LGBT, Causality Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: June 30, 2012
There is a problem that seems to be surrounding our community that is having an effect on the health of our neighbors. Our community is new and we have grown to become something like one big family so this problem will take its toll on all of us. There is something around us causing our neighbors including our children to get sick, because of the unknown circumstances this not a good thing for any of us. The first thought that I had was that the developer of the community had done something wrong and caused the problem. Because of the fact that this situation will affect me as well, I decided to do some research into the problem and this is when I discovered that the problem came from something on part of the gas supplier for our community. As a community we must unite and stick together so we can get this problem taken care of before it causes more illnesses to our families. While conducting my research I visited a few of my neighbors along with an inspector who knows more about these type of situations, he conducted several tests on our homes and concluded that it had to be something else besides the construction of the homes. This inspector informed me that we should perform other tests like maybe on the gas lines that had been put in. After the meeting with the inspector me and several neighbors met up because they were also concerned about this problem and together we decided that we would take a trip to visit the gas company and express our concerns so that perhaps they could look into the problem as well by having one of their professionals to come out and meet with us. Once we visited the gas company the next day several of their employees came out and started performing all kinds of different tests. It took them several days but it was found that the pipes which had been installed were not equipped and therefore caused vapors to escape, the vapors were not strong enough to smell but we were inhaling them which was causing the illnesses that had taken...
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