Physiology Unit 9

Topics: Respiratory system, Larynx, Lung Pages: 3 (508 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Brings oxygenated air to the alveoli.
Removes air containing carbon dioxide.
Filters, warms, and humidifies the air.
Produces sound (speech).
Helps with sense of smell.
Assists to regulate the pH within the blood.

Nares/Nostrils- Allow entrance for air.
Nasal Cavity- Lined with mucous & ciliated epithelium. Air is filtered, warmed, and humidified. Nasopharynx- Part of the throat serving only as a passageway for air. Pharynx- Throat. 3 Passageways that serve for air and food. Larynx- Voice box. The epiglottis helps to prevent food from entering the larynx during swallowing. Short passageway. Trachea- AKA windpipe. Serves only as a passageway for air. Bronchi- Passageway for air.

Bronchioles- Smaller air passages that branch from the bronchi. Alveolar Ducts- Enlarged chambers found at the end of the bronchioles. Alveoli- Small sac like structures that serve as the gas exchange surfaces of the lungs.

Nasopharynx- Passageway for air.
Oropharynx- Passageway for air and food.
Laryngopharynx- Passageway for food.

Epiglottis- Blocks airway when we swallow food.
Glottis- Vocal Cords. Passageway for air.
Hyoid Bone-Swallowing. Holds your tongue.
Thyroid Cartilage- Largest cartilage of larynx. (Adam’s apple) Protects glottis. Cricoid Cartilage- Helps produce vocal cord.
True Vocal Cords- Responsible for producing sound.
False Vocal Cords- prevent food from going down larynx.

Apex- Pointed, superior portion of the lungs which projects above the clavicles. Base- Broad, inferior surface of lungs which rests on diaphragm. Lobes- Functional units of lungs.
Right lung has three lobes- superior, middle, inferior.
Left lung had two lobes- superior and inferior.
Visceral Pleura- Serous membrane that covers outer surface of lungs and extends into fissures separating lobes. Parietal Pleura- Serous membrane that covers inner surface of pleural cavity and extends over diaphragm and mediastinum. Pleural...
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