Physics: Speed

Topics: Velocity, Acceleration, Kinematics Pages: 2 (728 words) Published: May 11, 2013
CLASS – IX LESSON : MOTION 1. Analyze the following situation and answer the following questions. A circular track has a circumference of 3140m with AB as one of its diameter. A man riding a scooter moves from A to B along the circular path with a uniform speed of 10 m/s. a) Distance covered by the man b) Displacement of the man c) Time taken by the man in reaching from A to B. 2. A car starting from rest moves with a uniform acceleration of 0.1 m/s2 for 2 minutes. Find the speed acquired by the car. 3. A ship is moving at a speed of 56 km/h. One second later it is moving at 58 km/h. What is its acceleration? 4. A child completes a circular track of 200 m length in 10 seconds. Calculate a) speed, b) velocity. 5. A car travels 10 m in 5 seconds, 20 m in next 10 seconds and 30 m in the last 10 seconds. Find the average speed of the car. 6. A body moving in a circle of radius r covers 3/4th of the circle. Calculate the ratio of distance to displacement. 7. A train is moving with a velocity of 36 km/h. Find the distance travelled by the train in a) 1 hour, b) 1 minute. 8. An electron moving with a velocity of 5×104 ms-1 enters into a uniform electric field and acquires a uniform acceleration of 104 ms-2 in the direction of its initial motion. Calculate the time in which the electron would acquire a velocity double of its initial velocity. 9. A car is running at a speed of 54 km/h. In the next second, its speed is 63 km/h. Find the acceleration. 10. The speed of a motor bike is 60 km/h. Express this speed in m/s and calculate the distance covered by the bike in 5 seconds. 11. A car accelerates uniformly from 15 km/h to 35 km/h in 5 s, find acceleration in (a) km/h2 and (b) m/s2. 12. A train starting from rest attains a velocity of 30 m/s in 3 minutes. Assuming that the acceleration is uniform, find the acceleration. 13. A body moving along a straight line at 20 m/s undergoes an acceleration of 4 m/s2. After 2 seconds what will be its speed?...
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