Physician Assistant Essay

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When I researched the role of Physician Assistant it stated “Physician Assistants take patients histories, perform routine diagnostic studies, assist in emergency medicine, monitor patient progress and manage therapeutic plans”. ( ) What this description does not tell you is that you have to have a desire and love for people. You must always put their best interests forward. Whether they are at their best or worst health of their life. You must always have a positive attitude and promote the best outcomes for the people/patients that are in your care. Those are attributes that can not be taught, that has to live inside of you.

Although, a physician assistant is a mid-level healthcare worker you must posses the same characteristics as a practicing physician. Those employed as assistants to physicians must mirror this position in as many ways a possible, in order to facilitate an atmosphere where there is a high level of efficiency in carrying out your day to day duties. A physician assistant is a very important member of the healthcare team. Competency is very important! A skilled PA will help reduce some of the burden on the physician, which will in turn relieve some of the stress of his position and allow him/her to focus on the patient’s well-being in a more efficient manner.

My interviewee gave me a lot of background information, as to what my life would really be like. Like him, I plan on becoming a surgical PA in a hospital setting. Which will give me the opportunity to see patients pre- and post-operative. His day begins at 6:30am. Upon arriving to the hospital, he obtains the listing of patients on the general surgery service from the Chief Resident, which is a fourth year medical student. After reviewing the list, he goes to see each patient and checks their development. Whether their health is progressing, declining or needs surgery. Once all the patients are seen, he then reports to the Attending Physician, and gives a report of...
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