Physician and Doctor

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Good Qualities of a Doctor.
Every one in the world gets sick. Whether it be when they’re born or later when they reach there senior age. To help these ill people they need to be treated by a doctor. In some circumstances you might even need a specialist for certain surgeries or even different treatments. A doctor’s quality plays a very important role in everyone’s life.

What are good qualities of a doctor? Someone who has patients is a great quality of a doctor. Just imagine the process a doctor goes through just to become a doctor. 1st he has to have good grades and has to get into a good collage. Than spends 4 years in collage. After that they have to take the “SATS” of medical school called the MCATS. If they pass they are allegeable to submit their applications to desired medical school. After wards, they set up an interview with the administration for the medical school. Once granted admission into medical school, students spend anywhere from 2-4 years studying and pre paring to become a doctor. After they graduate doctors have to do their rotations or residency for 2-3 years. At this point one has become a doctor but others decide to practice a specialty so that may take another 2 years. All in all, once you become a doctor half of your life is over. It takes about 10 years of studying after high school to become a doctor. You can just imagine how patient a doctor must be.

A doctor with good qualities would be one who respects people, healthy or ill, regardless of whom they are. Every doctor has to treat every patient differently to his or her patients needs. For example you give the same care to a patient with a broken leg than to a patient who has repertory distress. You have to understand their needs or illness and have to treat them accordingly.

Not only do the doctors have to take care of a patient’s physical health but they also need to look after patient’s mental health, and even feeling of their family. The doctors should...
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