Physical Fitness Evaluation

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Chapter 1


The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is a government institution mandated to serve and protect the Philippine Constitution and its people. It is a well-organized and disciplined body composed of a citizen armed force necessary for the defense and security of the State. For operational efficiency and effectiveness, the AFP is composed of three (3) Major Services: the Philippine Army (PA) which conducts ground combat operations, the Philippine Air Force (PAF) which secures the Philippine air space and the Philippine Navy (PN) which secures the Philippine territorial waters. Each service considers the other services as brothers-in-arms and members of one big family. But how does this big organization maintain its high level of competence? Its individual members, from its top brass down to its privates, seamen and airmen, must always be in top physical and mental condition to meet the daily requirements of the body and mind in accomplishing its mission and objectives, be it pushing the enemy in combat operations and frontlines or pushing pens and papers as regard to the administrative duties of the organization. Either way, military personnel should maintain high level of physical fitness at all times whether in the garrison or in the field. Physical fitness, as defined by Lt. Colonel Teodosio, is the possession of an individual of a healthy body, a capacity for skillful and sustained performance, an ability to recover from exertion rapidly, a desire to complete a designated task and a confidence to face any eventuality. It is in fact the ability to function effectively in physical work, training, and other activities and still have enough energy left over to handle any emergencies which may arise. Physical fitness is a must among men in uniform. Rank, length of service or nature of assignment is never an excuse for any military personnel to disregard his state of physical readiness. Complete personnel readiness always includes physical fitness. Having a healthy body, free of disease and defects, does not necessarily label a person to be physically fit in the military service. Even prior to joining the military, there are standards applicants and candidate soldiers should reach. Military personnel should possess the attributes which are the essential components of physical fitness: strength, endurance, agility and coordination. The AFP Regulations Board therefore enacted Circular Number 22, GHQ, AFP dated April 2, 1963 entitled Physical Conditioning and Fitness Test which was rescinded by Circular Number 1, GHQ, AFP dated July 23, 1973 and Circular Number 9, GHQ, AFP dated June 21, 1993 respectively to promulgate minimum physical achievement requirements for all military personnel and to recommend physical conditioning and fitness test within the various commands. Furthermore, Standard Operating Procedure Number 3, GHQ, AFP entitled AFP Standard Physical Fitness Test dated July 15, 2010 is being implemented to provide a common standard in the conduct of PFT in the AFP. Based on the above, considering the values and importance of physical fitness, the researcher opted to venture on this study with the end in view of evaluating the physical fitness test performance of military personnel that will enhance his physical well-being that contributes to his over-all performance.

Conceptual Framework

This study used the systems analysis paradigm utilizing the input-process-output conceptual framework (Figure 1). The inputs included the following: AFP Circular Nr 09 dated 21 June 1993, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Nr 03 dated 15 July 2010, Physical Fitness Test CY 2010 Results, and the results of survey questionnaire and personal interviews conducted by the researcher. In the process, the circular and SOP were reviewed and analyzed. PFT results were tabulated; analyzed and then statistical treatment was applied together with the results of the survey questionnaire....
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