Physical Education and Child Development

Topics: Puberty, Obesity, Exercise Pages: 7 (1492 words) Published: November 4, 2010
Physical Education 1

How Physical Education is a part of Child Development

Marcus Hightower

Eng 122

Angela Oleson

February 5, 2010

Physical Education 2

In current and past child development education, I want to deal with Physical Education as

one of the areas I would like to discuss as well as use my degree in. Physical Education deal in

the area of developing children physical, health, and future makeup. These things will be

discussed within the text to shed light on the importance and why I want to become a Physical

Education Teacher.


Growth and development during childhood are largely mediated by the actions of growth

hormones and insulin like growth factor. These factors work together to produce skeletal growth

and muscle hypertrophy, which is a increase in muscle size, in addition to increased amount and

function of the heart and lungs of the children. During the time of puberty, such growth factors

are amplified and supplemented by reproductive hormones, starting a childhood growth spurt

and the growth of secondary gender characteristics. During this time there is a big deal of

individuality from which they go through when their bodies are in the process of progression in

their youthful development. “Gender differences are also evident, with girls exhibiting the onset

of puberty at about ten to eleven years of age, approximately two years earlier than

boys.”(Malina, Bouchard, Bar-Or, 2004)

The article is looking at the results of the growth and development in which the fitness and

exercise training the youth has between the ages of five and twelve years old. Most people

assumes that these children within this age group are not yet into the stages of puberty, but the

girls in the higher end of this group are more likely to be in the early stages of puberty.

Physical Education 3

There have been recent findings during research that the youth that lives in the urban neighborhoods lack important requirements for being physically active. Based on the fact that most of them live in unsafe environments, they are considered to be in the low class, they are constantly playing video games, being on computers, and have an array of food that is not healthy for them. With that and the fact that they do not get out and run around as much as they could do at school makes it harder for them to be able to be physically fit with so many obstacles in their

path. “These obstacles range from selecting the right approach for engaging urban youths, to preparing

teachers to teach children from urban areas, providing accessible youth sports opportunities outside of

schools, or making physical education or physical activity meaningful enough for urban youths to

continue to participate.”(Murgia, McCullik. Oct 2009.)

The most important strategy for fighting against our children from being overweight is the need to increase physical activity based off of the reports from the Government Accountability Office. “School-based obesity prevention programs, however, face challenges due to a lack of physical education offered in public schools and health experts say it’s time for schools to play a bigger role.”(Coleman, Geller, Rosenkranz, Dzewaltowski, Dec2008) The National Association for Sports and Physical Education suggests that schools provide at least one hundred and fifty minutes of exercise a day during the school week at elementary Physical Education 4

school level and two hundred and twenty-five minutes a week for middle and high school students. At this point in time schools all over the country make it mandatory those first graders get at least eighty-five minutes a week and the sixth graders are getting about ninety-eight minutes a week based off of the reports by the National Center for Education Statistics in 2005. There has been some officials/politicians that...
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